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Thursday, May 03, 2012

I am hot, I am sweaty, my feet hurt, and a bird pooped on me--

but at least I am home, in air conditioning, with my shoes off. And the shirt is one that I once spilled a good portion of automatic transmission fluid on, which eventually came out, so surely bird poop will. I don't think it actually hit my hair or body, although I am tempted to hop into the shower just to cool down. It's in the mid- to upper-70s and it's late evening.

I worked today, of course, and then a co-worker dropped me off at my first stop of the evening, saving me about forty-five minutes, but still, it's nearly 8 pm and I'm just getting home. This evening I:
  1. Picked up some things from Incredipet for a friend.
  2. Got my hair cut (I can't tell yet how it really looks, as I am windblown and sweaty).
  3. Got my bus pass.
  4. Picked up some alcohol pads and a bit of food until I can do an actual grocery run.
  5. Dropped off my (signed) lease, with a note saying, yes, I'd like the free carpet cleaning.
Yay for getting paid today, although most of it will go towards rent. If I had thought about it, I would have had my co-worker drop me off at the bank and gotten my rent together so I could drop it off with the lease, but no, I didn't until after the bank was closed. The bank has later lobby hours tomorrow, and then there's Saturday, and I have until the 5th, so I'm not in danger of being late.

So far things have been pretty good this week, although I've run into a couple of glitches. I have a report to do by Monday but have bad data to work with, and the person who can give me the correct data is off sick. I have some surveys to compile so that I can get my needs assessment finished and get a library committee meeting together, but the file for the form became corrupted, and I have to create a new one and then manually enter the data, since it won't scan the old form. And I need to catch up on some statistics and filing, but tomorrow's a little slow so I'm hoping that will work. It feels like today is Friday, and everyone else seems ready for the week to end as well. One of my bosses won't be here tomorrow because (yay) she's having her hooding ceremony for her doctorate (she has graduation Sunday). In nursing, they pin you when you get your BSN, and have the hooding ceremony when you attain your PhD. I'm very happy for her.

Not to sound superstitious, but I've found two lucky pennies in one day. That must be good for something, right?

This morning, as I walked from the bus stop to the hospital, a lovely cardinal perched on the sign singing, and it let me get pretty close before flying to the bushes. I wish I'd gotten a picture.

What else of import happened today? Oh, I did get a chuckle while reading through my lease before I signed it. There's a mistake where instead of making sure the lessee does not make any alterations to the apartment without the manager's consent, it says there will be no altercations made. Let's hope not. :)

Okay, I've had something cold to drink and ate a light dinner. Lunch today was grilled salmon, grilled vegetables (asparagus, spinach, peppers, and onions), sweet potato 'fries', and a small salad, which I thought was very sensible and healthy, and it disproves several persons' opinions that for a vegetarian I don't eat vegetables. I just don't eat as many as I should, which is sad, because I love vegetables. But I tend to let them spoil in the fridge (there's salad makings that seem to be okay in there right now, but they have been there two weeks), canned ones aren't as good for you (but I do eat those), and often our cafeteria vegetables are either fried or wilt on the heat tables by the time I go to lunch. But I am making a concerted effort to eat more of them. And the salmon was very good today, as were the vegetables.

I usually check the news about this time, but frankly, I'm a little tired. I am not going on to bed, however. Really. Maybe a shower would pep me up....

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