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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I really debated whether or not to link to this story with this source

not because it is controversial, or because it is lacking in information (indeed, it's quite a bit ind depth over some of the others out there).

No, it was because of an ad that popped up on the screen hawking a pizza slicer in the shape of the USS Enterprise on Space.com.

Huge Asteroid Vesta Actually an Ancient Protoplanet

But I decided there were some other tacky items out there on MSNBC and other outlets, to (the New York Times had an ad for a website touting the end was near). But the pizza cutter even clicked on my geek meter--and I AM a geek, and a Trek fan and a gizmo/gadget fan--as being just too tacky for words. If it were just on the sidebar ad, it wouldn't have really caught my attention, as I'm rather ad blind. But...it popped up in the centre with a bit of script. If it had been on a sci-fi site itself I wouldn't have given it a second thought, either. It was that I was looking for space news, and it was a little unexpected, although of course they are right that people interested in science and science fiction overlap a great deal. Anyway, that was my gut reaction. I decided to include the story for its own merits. And if you cannot live without a $30 Enterprise pizza slicer, you're in luck....(they also have Han Solo in carbonite ice trays as well.)

Anyway, the article itself is interesting.

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