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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I decided that I would sleep in today

But even I didn't expect to wake up at eleven. I had strange, vivid dreams, the type you remember readily after waking. Two involved guns, including some guy at a student center shooting me for no particular reason except he was going on a rampage. One involved some people who were trying to get me to pay double for a taxi they were not able to procure (that actually happened, to a point, one time in real life). Just strange things, and mysteries to be solved, that sort of thing. I apparently tossed and turned because when I did wake up my CPAP was in the floor (fortunately it has a separate humidifier that I don't use in warmer weather as a rule). My hair looked a fright, standing up on one side and falling over a bit like a Kewpie doll.

My day isn't slated to be as busy as normal on a Saturday. I have to go out in search of wine and chili paste to bring tomorrow. Otherwise it's game notes, and if I possibly can, the pool, which opened yesterday at our apartment complex. But I don't want to go in the heat of the day; I'm not sure my sunscreen is still good, so no trusting it and getting burned to a crisp. But maybe around 3 or 4 would be good. I'll probably be good and hot after walking around Richmond Road. Then there's just a bit to do around the house (maintain the bathroom and kitchen, maybe vacuum, and clean up around the computer).

Tomorrow, as far as I know, we'll be playing in the game, unless Brenda has something to do for the holiday weekend. So it'll be busy. So the plan today is to strike a balance between productive and rest. I wish I had thought to do some yoga this morning, but I've eaten now and don't like to do it when I'm full, especially since I had the most perfect pancakes I've ever made, at the perfect temperature (with sugar-free syrup, of course).

Okay, I suppose I should get going, or at least go check the bus schedule. I'm used to getting up much earlier on a Saturday. The first three go like Sunday, but then they start the ever 70 minute thing. I wish Richmond Road's bus went every 35 like some of the others on Saturday. It used to be holidays, such as Monday, would go on a Saturday schedule, but this year they're on a Sunday one, meaning the last bus goes out of the transit centre at 8:20 pm. So if you ride the bus, be sure you don't miss that last bus.

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