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Friday, May 11, 2012

I just made four pies

under direction, and with pre-made crusts (which seemed to bake up quite lovely--they were by Marie Callender, and I chose them because they had to have vegetable oil instead of lard). They were a Derby-style pie (I say that because I think someone actually trademarked the term Derby Pie, which is insane, in my humble opinion.)

Anyway, I helped with that and then came on home, getting here right before dark. The cat was intrigued by the crackle of the seal around the pie crust. He loves to play with plastic like that. You also find it on those boxes of salad or various greens. But he soon got bored, and the other cat snubbed the piece of plastic. The dogs were rambunctious as ever. So I had a nice visit on top of helping with the pies. And I even got a couple of chocolate chips for my work. :)

Today I came in and found a care package on my desk. It was a large gift bag with food in it. I'd been asked why I wasn't coming down to lunch and admitted that I really wasn't eating because I was so low on money (I have exactly $4.54 in the bank, if you count both accounts, plus some pennies at work and at home.) I don't know who gave it to me (I only told a couple of people), but I really appreciate it, although it's kind of sad that I have to sometimes rely on the charity of people around me. I've been doing much better and I thought the worry of where my next meal came from was behind me. Apparently not. Fortunately we get paid Thursday.

I could go on about the creepy guy on the bus or the car buyers looking at the Jaguar in the lot as if it were on sale, when it was parked in an employee area, but I am very tired and am nearly falling to sleep in my chair. I'll type more tomorrow--I'm off from any of my normal Saturday activities, so I'll just wing it and enjoy a day with no major stuff to do. I have to game notes, and a few mild chores, but otherwise it is mine to do as I wish. Mu-hahahahah. Okay, definitely time to get some sleep. Good night.

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