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Thursday, May 03, 2012

It's 10 pm, and I'm still awake, yay!

But I am flagging a bit. I guess I just have a two-hour wind-down no matter when I get home. I think I'll go read for a little while, maybe listen to some music, and then turn in. Tomorrow night I'm taking some things to a friend, so I'll probably be home late, and therefore getting to bed later. I don't know what my plans for Saturday will be, except I'll probably watch the Derby when it is run. Hope you've had a great week so far, and that your weekend is very nice. And tonight I will not fall asleep without setting the mobile devices to charging. I had to do that first thing this morning because I forgot last night. Fortunately they had enough juice for my needs even having been used to a goodly degree yesterday.

PS I actually stayed up past 11 talking on the phone with a friend. Maybe I can 'reset' my clock to getting 8 hours' sleep rather than, oh, 12.

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