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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Glad to be home

It was a little difficult to get into the swing of a normal workday today, but I finally managed it. It did seem like a Monday, though. I had to leave a little early to go to the bank. And I just called the Science Fiction Book Club to see if I could cancel even though I have one book on pre-order that will be shipped next week. I was offered the 'order-only' option (I presume because I've fulfilled my quota), so I decided to go with that. I do like to order occasionally, but keeping up with the featured selections was a pain, and that was the reason I was cancelling (I've been burned in terms of books shipping without my realising I hadn't declined the offer, and that led to all sorts of insufficient funds that took two pay days to rebound from, back in the fall).

I just got off the phone with my mom and grandmother. My grandmother turns 88 today! Happy birthday, Ma. My aunts and uncles have arrived and we firmed up plans for me to visit later in the week. It'll be nice to see everyone.

I finished Charlaine Harris' Deadlocked today. It was so nice to read yesterday, for so long, and I was so close to the end, but had to go on to bed. So I finished it this morning before work.

Okay, I need to go check something online for a friend. I'll write later, I'm sure.

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