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Monday, May 28, 2012

A rare day of absolute leisure

I've mostly been reading Charlaine Harris' Dead Reckoning, finishing it and then napping. I'm about to go on to Deadlocked, the newest Sookie Stackhouse book.

I haven't just sat down and read for hours in a long time; it's usually short forays at lunch or waiting for the bus. This was luxurious. I think I may watch a DVD later so that I can send it back and start getting the episodes of 'True Blood' to see how different it is. But today is unusual in that I haven't spoken to a soul, I haven't been out of the apartment--I've read, napped, looked at the news on the Internet, blogged a bit, eaten a little, and that's about it. Tomorrow should be much different!

Yesterday we didn't play the game, although I went over to do some things over there and visit, and ate a wonderful frittata with salad and broccoli soup. But as weekends go, this has been fairly relaxing. I should have a day to myself more often, although of course I enjoy being with other people, too.

Okay, I'm going back to reading. Hope you're getting your batteries recharged, too.

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