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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I must admit

'The Legend of Korra' is quite enjoyable. I tried to watch the other day but was just getting a blank screen in three different browsers. But apparently whatever the glitch was has been resolved, as I was able to watch the first two episodes today with no problem. Yay! I actually came home and did something fun for a change, rather than just falling to sleep.

I started my day off with a phone call from a friend about a friend who was convinced a skunk was under their back stoop even thought it is a concrete slab, so this was somewhat puzzling. I had a rather busy day. I didn't eat with the lunch crew because I don't really like eating outside in the sun and wind (a picnic's a little different, but I would also be sure to wear sunscreen to a picnic. I don't think to put it on before lunch, and I burn easily, nor do I want to smell like I've been to the beach).

After work I was saddened to find a small screech owl dead along the road near the bus stop. I presume it was hit by a car. I am rather fond of birds, but owls are especially interesting and even though they're not as flashy as some birds I think they're beautiful.

I stopped by the library on my way home and picked up five books, two science fiction, two mysteries, and one about Google+, which I am a member of but really haven't used to its best effect.

It was so nice to get into air conditioning. This weekend it's supposed to be in the 90s with a high humidity. Our pool at the apartment complex should be open and I'm looking forward to it (with lots of sunscreen, that is).

So now I've eaten, watched the episodes, and am considering reading. I started Charlaine Harris' Dead Reckoning yesterday, since I just received Deadlocked in the mail and decided I'd needed to catch up first. Two of the books I got from the library are hers as well, Grave Secret, which I've tried to read before without success and another one that isn't part of a series called A Secret Rage. I'm also going to take another stab at Jim Butcher's Small Favor.

So I'm going to go read for awhile. Sorry I didn't write yesterday; I kind of konked out when I got home, and was only up very briefly about 1 am. I'll try not to do it tonight. There's something I mean to blog about that YKWIA shared with me. But that's for the next post.... :)

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