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Friday, May 25, 2012

Well, it's a little late, but here's that post

This is what YKWIA told me about, and I say, yes, Cooper should not have had her on the show in the first place (although in fairness, someone else booked her), and I'm glad he ended the interview. Apparently addicted to cosmetic surgery and injections, whatever she wants to do with her own body is fine. But giving an 8-year-old vouchers for surgery to be redeemed when she is 18 and encouraging her 15-year-old to embrace Botox so she won't sweat while dancing is inappropriate and over the top. It sends a horrible message to these young girls that they are not good enough 'as is', a message that is difficult enough to ignore in our society without one's own mother touting it.

Several comment writers think he did it just for publicity and ratings, and if otherwise he could have waited to do it at break, but I think she was booked so he could talk about her obsession with looks and surgical enhancement and then he got to a point with the kids where honestly he didn't want to continue. He seemed pretty darn sincere, and was much more polite and professional than I would have been. But you can judge for yourself; the linked story includes a video.

Anderson Cooper Slams "Human Barbie" Before Kicking Her Off Show: "I Think You're Dreadful"

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