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Saturday, May 05, 2012

Well, the 138th Kentucky Derby is history

And my horse didn't win. And I didn't get to watch it live, because I couldn't figure out how to do it on the bus even with half a dozen different websites you were supposed to be able to do it from. But I watched the replay and even though I knew the outcome, it was fun and exciting. 15-1! There are some very happy people out there. And from post 19, too. And you know, my brain was attracted to I'll Have Another briefly when looking at the list in the paper because the silks are purple and white, and then I told myself that was a silly reason to pick a horse. Then Take Charge Indy seemed to stick out, even though I normally root for horses that are grey or black (I'd have probably gone for Hansen, in fact, had I known the colours). I know, it has nothing to do with breeding or training in my mind, although Calvin Borel is well-known enough that I know who he is, and I didn't realise it, but Take Charge Indy's grandsire was Seattle Slew. But I admit I don't really know the business enough to understand much of it.

For more on the 138th Kentucky Derby, be sure to check out their site. You can see more about the horses and watch a replay of the race. Plus there's the celebrities, hats, and sights. :)

I probably would have been able to see the Derby live had I not stayed (after dog washies and trying to determine the species of a giant vine growing on the house) to watch an episode of 'Lark Rise to Candleford'. It's kind of a British 'Little House on the Prairie' without many of the calamities and over-sentimentality, seen from the eyes of a young woman who has gone from her small hamlet in Oxfordshire to Candleford, a nearby town, to work for the postmistress. It is loosely based on a trilogy of novels by Flora Thompson [Lark Rise, Candleford, and Candleford Green, later published together as Lark Rise to Candleford] that are semi-autobiographical. I do rather enjoy the series. I'm thinking of reading the books. The collection at the library is not available right now, and the e-book isn't there, but the Kindle book is $6.99 from Amazon. It's a shame it's not lendable on www.booklending.com. Oh, well. With my rent just being paid I have something like $40 to last the next two weeks, so I'd better not buy it. But sometime in the future, maybe.

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