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Saturday, May 12, 2012

It has been a quiet day at home

I woke up after sleeping in till 9:30 and did yoga (with my Rodney Yee A.M. Yoga, which I managed to complete today; here's looking at using this one on Saturdays and the other five in the Week of A.M. Yoga throughout the workweek), followed by a 10-minute meditation using an application called Insight Timer that sets up a meditation timer with the sounds of various Tibetan bells to help focus your breathing and mind. I checked the news, had breakfast. I spoke to a friend for awhile on the phone. Mostly I've just kind of hung out and enjoyed a bit of rare slow day, although the day is going by quicker than I imagined. I just had lunch and it's almost 3 pm. I think now is the time to take a shower, get a little revved up, and get a few things done, but I must admit, I'm not feeling very motivated. I'm just kind of enjoying the lull. There will be a lot to do tomorrow, after all. And then the week ahead is looking moderately busy, but with enough time to get caught up on some tasks at work. But all that work on Tuesday really paid off, in that I was able to just enjoy the day today without fretting about the house.

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