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Thursday, May 17, 2012

That was not conducive to a happy back

Carrying a small purse, a backpack (with a bottle of mead and a bottle of pinot noir inside), plus three bags and a reusable bag stuffed to the gills, about a half a mile is not fun. A guy actually offered me a ride (I did consider it, but didn't go with him, even though he promised he wasn't a serial killer). But boy I'm sore now. The good thing is a got a ride from a co-worker (my boss, actually) to Incredipet (to buy muzzles--it's a long story), and then I went to Liquor Barn for wine and Kroger for groceries, and still managed to just make the bus after my regular one over to the library, so I didn't have to walk all the way from Kroger. The next one would have been an hour-long wait.

I've opened the windows and brought the fan from the bedroom into the living area. There's a nice breeze coming in. We're supposed to be very hot over the weekend, but I'm enjoying the temperature today.

So now I'm eating dinner (Tuscan bean salad with mozzarella balls, courtesy of the Kroger Mediterranean bar. I don't normally get it, because of the price, but decided it sounded very good, and it is), along with some rye sourdough bread and Havarti cheese. Today at lunch they had a wonderful meal of baked cod over a bed of tomato orzo with spinach between them. I got that and a small salad and it was very nice.

My blood sugar has been very good the last few days. I don't know if the increase in insulin and me watching my diet more is doing it, or if it's just because of where I am in my hormonal cycle (it's always lower near my period). Anyway, I feel much clearer and I've really been able to focus. I don't feel tired all the time.

Today went well. I got several referrals, although there were a couple of denials that were a bit frustrating because in both cases they hadn't seen the patient in awhile so they wouldn't do it, even though the condition was congenital and it's not like that diagnosis is going to change, plus one had actually referred the patient in the first place some time ago. But hey, it's their prerogative. I'm also having issues with a couple of ones that are very important because they can't be pre-authorised until I get referrals. I hope to clear that up tomorrow.

The library was fine, too. The high point was that I got some books from Scholastic for our Reach Out and Read programme. That was fun. I filled the cart in the clinic Tuesday, so I have room on a book truck in the library for what I received today.

I keep having to remind myself that it is Thursday. Several people I know also kept thinking it was Friday. It's been quiet in the clinic (there's a conference that at least one of the surgeons went to), but I've been busy trying to get ahead for next week, so it seems like a longer week.

I am going to get a little time off at the end of the month. There's a lecture series that lasts two days they always have in the spring, so I'll get few if any data entry sheets. The 31st there's a meeting of the Kentucky Medical Library Association over at Central Baptist that I'm going to. On June 1st, I hope to go to visit my family. My aunts and uncles will be in that week and I think both sets will be there that day. My grandmother's birthday is that week, too. Of course, with Memorial Day that means virtually a two-day week for me, so I'll definitely be busy Tuesday and Wednesday.

Oh, I feel better now that I've had the fan on, I've been sitting down, and I've eaten. I almost forgot to take my insulin however. I've got to go do that now. I'll no doubt blog a bit more later.

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