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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I played on the computer for awhile

and also paid most of my bills for the month and balanced my account, but then got up and worked on the kitchen, washing both the dishwasher-safe and hand washables, cleaning the counters, and taking out the trash. It didn't take overly long. Then I got the wine out. I bought it, frankly, for the name (Pinot Evil, with the famous monkeys of see no, hear no, speak no on it), but I didn't realise when I got it that it had a screw top. You would think that would have made it easier to open, but no, I am puny. It took a good ten minutes of straining and a bit of tapping with a knife to get it open. I need one of those grippers, it seems. Once I finally got it open, I did my libation, came back inside, got a little to eat and now I'm relaxing and winding down. I'll save the mead (which has a cork, and is fairly easy to open) for another time.

This is not the first comical moment I had today. Earlier I got a phone call and I couldn't find my phone. Judging from the direction, I was afraid it had fallen in the trash can or recyclable container, and I was puling them out and looking at them when it suddenly occurred to me that it was in my pants pocket. Sigh. I know we all have these moments, but good grief, I felt silly. I did get tickled, though.

Anyway, it was a productive day both at work and here. It's nice to have everything still straightened up here, although at work I'm a little behind on filing and statistics, something I hope to rectify next week, although it's going to be a very busy one, I can tell, much busier than this one.

Tomorrow I'm going to go over and help a friend with some projects. One thing I don't have to do is game notes, as I finished the last ones last week and we didn't play Sunday. As far as I know we're back on for this Sunday, though.

Okay, I'm officially sleepy and I'm going to try to get up in about four hours, which will still give me plenty of actual sleep for the night, although of course it was in two sections, which probably isn't good for me. Good night.

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