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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm glad this had a happy ending

Arabian show horse rescued after swimming three miles into the ocean
William, a 7-year-old grey stallion, had been part of a photo shoot with other horses. Frightened, he bolted into the surf.

He started to swim. And swim. And swim until he was nearly three miles offshore, headed for oil rigs.

On land, a team of four from the Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol, Carpenteria-Summerland Fire Water Rescue, and California State Parks set out to find the horse, whose official name is Air of Temptation. His owner, Mindy Peters, told Huffington Post that he had never been swimming in his life.
I think he's had enough swimming for a lifetime. Poor thing. This caught my eye this morning when I was reading the news. This is one lucky horse. Granted, horses can swim, but not normally for such long distances. I wonder if he horse-paddled? [Sorry, couldn't resist.]

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