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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Very troubling

Military women and suicide: Home safe but not sound: Rising suicide rates among female veterans show how deep the emotional wounds can be

In 2011, there were 164 deaths of active-duty soldiers that were investigated as suicides. Adding to the horror is this surprise: According to a study in Psychiatric Services, among women ages 18 to 34, female veterans were three times more likely to kill themselves than nonveterans. (An earlier study found that male veterans were twice as likely to commit suicide as were male nonvets.)

Psychologists aren't yet sure of the reason. The Psychiatric Services study was the first time researchers estimated the suicide risk among these women. "When we broke out the statistics on females with military service, it was shocking," says Mark Kaplan, D.P.H., coauthor of the study and professor of community health at Portland State University. "Why were women killing themselves at such a disproportionate rate? Why were so many suicides occurring after they'd returned home? It's a call to action for the military to take a closer look at what women are going through."

It's an interesting article, well worth a read. I feel for these soldiers, especially those on multiple deployments. We need to do more for our men and women in uniform in terms of social and psychological support.

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