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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I took a little stroll around the apartment complex

and spoke with a friend by phone while sitting at a picnic table under some pine trees. The smell of the honeysuckle that grows along the creek is quite strong. I used to have an aversion to that scent, having gorged myself on the nectar (along with a friend) as a child only to get a 24-hour stomach bug that night, and for years the smell of honeysuckle made me nauseous, but I've overcome it.

I do have a headache, which I'm hoping some caffeine and ibuprofen will take care of. I'm almost out of the latter. Fortunately I get paid in a couple of days, because things have been pretty tight. I think I'm going to try naproxen (Aleve) so that I don't have to take as much when I have pain.

It's a lovely evening, with all sorts of people out and about. Several ladies from South Asia have been walking around in their colourful saris. I do love that style; I wish I could carry it off. Well, maybe I could, but I'd probably look a little odd.

I got quite a lot done at work today. I was somewhat disheartened by the results of my needs assessment survey. I get great marks for my customer service, and although usage of the library in general is up, most respondents said they didn't use it, or if they did, they used the printers/copiers or read the paper. I got 45 responses out of 200 employees, but had to throw one out because they pretty much treated it like a joke and wrote comments like, 'get a Redbox' when I asked about the video collection, or 'is that like Check into Cash' when I asked about interlibrary loan (even though I explained what that was in the question), etc. on it. But there were some helpful comments on other surveys. Oh, well. Now if I can just schedule a library committee meeting around one of the physicians' schedule, I'll be okay.

I'm not really tired, but I think I will go lie down in my bedroom with the lights off. It's not a migraine (I've had those often, although thankfully they've lessened as I've gotten older). I think it's just a sinus headache. But my eyes hurt, too. I'll try to write a little later. The plan is not to turn in for the night. I'm not going to turn the comforter down, for example. We'll see.

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