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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I ventured into the pool

During a dodgeball game, I might add. Fortunately they kept it on the shallow side. Unfortunately, I don't feel confident enough about my swimming ability to try doing laps on the deeper side (although in truth it's not too deep, it's not like it's an Olympic-style pool, but anyway, deeper than me--if I can't feel my toes on the bottom, I'm a little hesitant, which comes from nearly drowning at least twice). But I did put my feet in for a bit to get used to the temperature and then slid in, keeping close to the edge, and stayed in for awhile. Not bad for someone with body image issues. But no one shouted, 'Look at that fat woman! She looks like a beached whale! Agh, the expanse of white!', for which I'm grateful. In the eight years I've been here, I think that may have been the first or second time I've gotten in by myself (I had someone and their toddler over as guests once.)

So now I'm back inside and getting ready to do game notes. Hope your Saturday is going well.

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