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Saturday, May 05, 2012


Today is supposed to be dog washing day, but considering it stormed several times last night (enough to actually wake me up) and there's a 40% chance of storms today, I'm disinclined to do it today. Tomorrow will be sunny, 85, and although there's so much to do with the game preparations, I'm willing to come two hours earlier than I usually do to get the dogs washed. Granted, there's a chance of storms throughout the work week, but at least I wouldn't be sending them out into rain directly and they'd have one full day of being clean before the mud strikes again. I'm waiting on a call from my friend okaying that.

It's dark and gloomy, but I do still have to go out, as my rent is due today, and the bank closes at noon. I'm going to get the snacks for the game today so I can go earlier tomorrow without going by the store.

I have plenty to occupy me today. There's the game notes, the house, laundry, a couple of projects. But the rent is tantamount, so I guess I'd better go ahead and get a shower and get ready to go. That way I can give it in while the office is open today, even though they print May 7th on the actual money order (it not being a business day according to my bank). Besides, you should always get a receipt in hand when using money orders. The receipt you get at the bank only proves you bought it; it doesn't prove a thing in regards to who you gave it to, if any.

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