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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Up and I've been busy

Getting everything ready for the carpet cleaners. Everything's off the floor, the floor's been vaccumed, and I'm showered and I've eaten--all before I would normally clock in at work. I do hope they come early, as I have laundry to do, and I can't take a chance on being in the laundry room when they come. So now I'm listening to Rob Thomas on the radio and considering my next move.

I did glance at the news. I'm sorry to hear that the missing Tennessee mother and her eldest daughter were found dead. Her other two daughters are still missing, allegedly kidnapped by a family friend. Horrible.

On a happier note:
Brevard libraries take another peek at banned '50 Shades of Grey': Library officials to review their selection while word about 'Shades' spreads through media Okay, it's a racy book, yes, but there are others just as racy in our libraries, and censorship certainly doesn't belong there. So it's good that they're at least reviewing their policy. Maybe someone will read the book before the final decision is made, too--I got the impression that they pulled it without doing so. It's not one I'm interested in reading, but my, it's popular in the book and e-book markets. And I'm not saying that libraries have to stock out and out pornography to stay relevant, but anytime you pull a title that's that popular, it's going to be a public relations nightmare.

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