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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Time to sign a new lease

I asked the leasing office to leave a new lease for me to sign, since my hours don't coincide with theirs except sometimes on Saturdays, and it was on my door when I got home. This way, I can just drop it in the mail slot. I will make a copy first, of course. I'm going for a special with a 13-month lease, which will mean my rent will only go up $5 this year. This marks eight years since I moved here, going into the ninth year, and I don't want to move anytime soon. I wish I could afford one of the two bedrooms, which have about 300 sq ft more in space, but 1) I can't, and 2) I'd have to pack things up and move them. The number of books I have alone is amazing (and I think YKWIA has far more than I). Things I like about my apartment: They're nicely maintained. The leasing office staff are very friendly and responsive. It's in a quiet neighbourhood. I haven't had a horrible rent raise since I moved here. In eight years it's gone up something like $45, in increments. And a couple of years they didn't raise it at all. Also, we have police officers who live on site and act as courtesy officers/security. It's on the first floor, which is good, as I don't think I could manage the stairway daily. They've been very understanding on those occasions when I was struggling to get my rent in, which thankfully hasn't been the case of late. The site is located near shopping, a grocery, restaurants, a library, most of my doctors, and a hospital, even for walking. It's a quick trip down the road to work on the bus. With my luck with cars, being on the bus line is terribly important.

Things that would be great to have: I'd love if they had individual porches/balconies, but I live in a building with a large front porch and one of these days I'm going to check and see if they would mind me raising some things in containers. I can't imagine it being an issue. I just haven't had the money to get planters and all the stuff that goes with container gardening, like dirt and plants. :) I'd love a little more space, but I have 750 sq ft, which isn't too bad. The bedroom has one whole wall devoted to closets. I'd love an indoor pool. But our outdoor pool was filled with water the other day and soon will open. I'm really going to try to use it this year, now that I'm working regular hours for the first time in what seems like forever. Back when I had the second job at the gas station, I was getting home after it closed. Then when I started the data entry job at the hospital, I'd get home about 8, and usually didn't feel like doing anything by that time. Now I get home between 5:15-6:15 pm, depending on whether I get a ride or take the bus. Oh, and I wish we had washer/dryer hookups. Those are only in the two bedroom apartments, which are $100 a month to rent.

Of course, if I get the job in the consumer health library I applied for the other day, I'll have a longer commute, and they pretty much expect you to go to their doctors on campus. But to have a full-time library job after so many years of part-time status, in an environment such as that, helping people find answers to their health information needs, facing unique challenges every day (those words may come back to haunt me), that would be great, and worth the longer commute. And who knows, I might be able to afford a car, and it would be a straight run down Alumni to get to campus--although parking on campus is such that the bus may be a better option. :) We'll see. I have to get an interview first, and all then there's the whole process that goes with it. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

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