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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Today I:

  1. Rode four buses
  2. Went to the grocery
  3. Went to the bank
  4. Paid on a debt
  5. Delivered muzzles
  6. Watched an episode of 'Lark Rise to Candleford'
  7. Watched three episodes of 'The House of Eliott' (I do love British 'costume dramas')
  8. Shelved books
  9. Straightened up some things around my friends' house
  10. Shared soy burgers
  11. Dusted stuffed animals, including a rabbit with big gnashy teeth
  12. Picked up polyfill that had been buried in the yard (which had nothing to do with the stuffed animals)
  13. Cleaned out a refrigerator
  14. Surveyed a pantry
  15. Got forward three more levels on 'Angry Birds: Space' (I only stopped because the bus was packed to the gills and I couldn't properly move)
  16. Listened to Linkin Park and Rob Thomas (but not together)
  17. Texted a friend regarding his (now defunct) van
  18. Broke down and turned on the air conditioning, although I have it set so it doesn't come on unless it hits 75 or warmer
So it was a pretty busy day, don't you think? Now I'm finishing up dinner and I'm getting rather sleepy. I think I'll turn in a little early, but first I should go through coupons for tomorrow's big grocery run before the game.

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