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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Well, it was a little later than I meant

I fell asleep about 10:45 pm with some idea of getting up at midnight. Instead, it's about 2:30. My feet started to hurt a bit. I think I missed that last dose. But I've taken it now, along with the Lantus. And I've gone out and given my libation.

I feel really blessed of late. The lack of pain--that kept me in a good mood wherever I went this week. I was actually walking like a normal person rather than a little old lady. I mean, they still get tired, and I expect some pain this weekend as I'm on them--a lot--then, but nothing like it has been. I'm even going up and down stairs straight rather than sideways (I was always afraid I'd fall, and now my knees are doing better the normal way. I still take them a step at a time, mostly. So the knees still aren't great). But just walking normally is helping my knees and hips as far as their pain. And the medicine also works where the nerves are compressed in my neck. Best of all, it's a $10 co-pay, so even in lean months without flexible spending money, I should be able to swing it.

Then there was finally paying off my back taxes and actually getting a tax refund. I'm not flush in money, but I can pay off some debt and save up a bit, then start paying off my student loans when they enter repayment, which will be soon.

We're getting a raise at work, which is a bit bittersweet given the whole 'three-year plan' thing, but hey, I don't mind getting paid more, especially since there were times we didn't get one because of how bad the oeconomy got.

One of my friends who has had a particularly rough time of late (health issues that caused them to have financial stress) is finally getting a bit of relief starting this month. I've been very worried about him and his family (he has two small children and a wife) throughout the holidays and beyond, so I'm glad they're doing better.

So, I've got some blessings to thank Her for. And I do. She was celebrated by Hesiod for her dominion over wealth and prosperity. I know mine is always subject to change, and indeed I know it soon will, but for now, I feel blessed. Thank you, Hekate.

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