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Friday, February 03, 2012

I just

  • straightened up much of the living area, including my computer area,
  • made a list of what a friend needs from the store tomorrow,
  • promptly lost it,
  • had to dig in the trash bag for it; it was stuck to the inside,
  • filled up a recyclable container,
  • unclogged the aquarium filter, which was just nasty--I hadn't realised it was that bad,
  • eaten some fish (not the ones from the aquarium) :),
  • drank some water (didn't do enough of that today at work),
  • threw away the rosemary bush, which didn't make it, along with one jade plant (before I went digging in the trash bag, unfortunately, so I had to dig them out first),
  • burned some missing files onto a dvd for a friend, and
  • listened to some music the whole while,
all in less than two hours. What I'm not sure is whether I took my medication. I don't think so, but I don't want to double up as that would probably throw me for a loop. I'll take some right before bed. Tonight I need to do my libation, but that won't be till about midnight or even later. I have to admit, I am flagging a bit, as is normal about this time. I really need to do something with the kitchen, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Oh, I almost had to smack myself in the forehead (figuratively) today, because sometimes I'm not as tech savvy as I could be or think I am. There are these stylus pens I have for touchscreens that weren't working when I dialed the stylus up, and I thought that I needed to take them back and get a capacitive pen instead. Turns out they are capacitive pens--one end is the type you use on handhelds, like back in the day, and one end, the one that I thought looked like an eraser, but couldn't figure out how it could be, is the capacitive pen that reacts with smart phones and tablets. I didn't realise till I went on Amazon and looked at the tips on the ones I found under 'capacitive pens'. Oy.

Tomorrow it's go to Kroger and then over to my friends' house to help with a project. Oh, and game notes, unless I get them done tonight. Yeah. Tell us another one, right? Anyway, I'm going to go do something or other. Hope you had a good week, and thank goodness it's Friday. Have a good weekend.

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