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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I think the touchy stomach is from my new meds

Because I took my meds a little while ago and I've started having mild nausea and very little warning in certain other gastroenteric areas. I started having problems once I started the new medicines. I ate something light with it right afterward, but I don't know if it will help. So far the effects have been relatively minor; I'm not acting like I have a stomach bug or anything like that. Actually, I looked things up and two of the drugs I just went on can cause problems, so I think the mystery is solved. Hopefully that will ease.

I've gotten up and ready, paid my cell phone and electric bills, and am waiting till it's time to catch the bus. I'm going to make a very quick trip to the grocery, just to get a couple of things, and then head over to a friend's house. It is much colder today than it has been and they're still saying the wind will be bad, although it doesn't seem to be blowing that hard right now. But, it's kind of hard to tell from my living room; the wind tends to be blocked somewhat by the apartment buildings in the complex and then once I get out on the street I freeze.

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