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Sunday, February 05, 2012

I am covered in mud from my pants to my shoes, and a little on my shirt

with a little blood mixed in there, too. I had to break up a dog fight today, when a smallish terrier decided to snap maniacally at a bigger dog that showed restraint and pinned her not one but three times without disemboweling her, even though she could have. Even when I broke it up with a large stock pot, the terrier tried to keep going. Remember the aliens from the movie of the same name, how they had that second jaw that came out? I swear she does that. The larger dog only had a couple of nicks near her face. The little one has a couple of cuts and then it looks like she's strained her whole lower body, especially one leg. So the plan is to keep an eye on her and if she's not walking better after tomorrow, she'll go to the vet. Nothing seems to be broken or anything, thankfully.

I did an abbreviated cleaning job on the house in preparation for the game, then helped with something and then we played for six to seven hours. I got home at 11 pm and am very tired. But I've already taken my Lantus, am about to take my other medication, and am listening to a little light music in preparation for bed. The game master called to see how I liked the game. It was particularly nice because we had a tiny, self-contained little adventure that nearly killed us, but had good tentacled monsters that were definitely Cthulhoid and we could safely swing a sword at.

The game master also shared this with me:

The one I saw over at his house was from a poster who truly does not get that this is an Onion News Network production and it is satire. They really think this is true. That is sad. But the satire is great. Actually, reading through the comments, a lot of people seem to think this. I agree that the vast amount of personal info people put on Facebook is amazing, but really? My favourite was the part with comments about foursquare. :) Anyway, enjoy.

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