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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Within 10 minutes of waking

I was taking out the recyclables on my way to getting a drink at the laundry room, and then I came back and cleaned off the couch (and not just by putting everything on the floor). Today's aim is to get the apartment in good order. Someone in my family is unable to care for their little corgi, and I'd like to take him in, but I'd like to get the house dog-proof by then. I would have mentioned it to my mom last night when she called, but with the house a mess I didn't think I should. Tonight, maybe....

I forgot my Saturday alarm was set for 6:30 am (which means the Gentle Alarm application starts chiming at 6:00), and snoozed and finally dismissed all four alarms, but woke up at my normal time, 8:30. I've taken my blood sugar, which is holding steady and lower than it had been by 50 points, so the increase in insulin must be working. It's nice to see the weekly and monthly averages on my tracking application go down. I've eaten and I'm now staring at the (now) six pills I'm supposed to take every morning, up from two. That's in addition two more of one of the pills, plus four injections of two types of insulin per day. Bless the pharmacy, there was one pill that I take 1/2 a tablet of, and they went ahead and split them all for me. :) At least they're all relatively small.

I've called the hospital and the receptionist said he'd have the security guard put the package on my desk. If that's the case, then I may just leave it till Monday, so yay, one less thing to do.

I do still have to go to the grocery. I'll do that today and then get some things for the game and the game master (whose e-mail I just read shared with me the fact that you can get your eyeballs tattooed, which has a big ewww factor--fortunately there were no pictures in the e-mail) on the way to the game. Hopefully snow will not be a factor. I haven't seen the forecast today but yesterday they were predicting anywhere from 1"-8", but admitting they didn't know how it would track. that's an improvement from years ago when our 'dusting' became 14". :)

Okay, I'd better start. I think first I'm going to put in a load of dishes and then while that's running, tackle some of the clutter. Maybe I'll put on some Les Mis. I like cleaning to show tunes.

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