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Monday, February 20, 2012

I nearly got run over by two little old ladies this evening

The driver stopped when I started walking with the light and then revved up and started forward while I was still in the lane she wanted to turn into. I then turned and said, 'hello, excuse me, walking here' and she stopped and looked sheepish. I suspect her companion told her to stop in time. I really wonder sometimes. And I don't mean to pick on the elderly. Lexington is full of bad drivers, of all ages, many of whom don't know how to yield, use a turn signal, or follow the traffic lights. I watched no less than six cars run a red light, turning left, at the same intersection the other day. Granted, no one was coming from the other side, but still the turn light had ended, and both lights were red. No clue. I think they followed each other like lemmings.

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