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Friday, February 24, 2012

The wind is cutting outside

making it seem much colder than the 39 degrees it said on the weather. I walked home from the ophthalmologist, my eyes bleary and dilated, and was quite happy to get inside. At least there isn't snow like in Chicago, but still...it was over 60 degrees yesterday.

I spent most of the morning feeling run-down and tired, although I perked up when I went to a meeting. The library was just so quiet, you would think that I could have maintained some sort of focus, but that wasn't the case, although I managed to get a few things done. By 2:15 I was leaving for the doctor's office, and it turned out a co-worker was leaving too, so she gave me a ride.

I spent a couple of hours at the ophthalmologist's, waiting to be called, then getting my vitals and history, then going back to the waiting area, then getting my eyes numbed and my pressure checked, followed by dilation and returning to the waiting area, then getting my optic nerve looked at, then waiting, then finally getting the good news that there is no sign of diabetes in my eyes, nor has the pressure reached a point where we have to do anything more than continuing semi-annual visits. Yay. My great-grandmother, who was also diabetic, lost much of her sight as a result of the disease, and I don't want to have a similar problem.

After the visit, I talked briefly with a friend on the phone and made plans for tomorrow, then headed to the still-open (I'd thought it had already closed) library for a very quick wi-fi connexion to download a couple of updates on the tablet. I scanned the new books briefly and then headed out into the wind, finally getting home and, having not eaten since 11:30, scrounged for some food. So you would think I would go straight to bed, but I'm not exactly sleepy, just tired. I should check and see if 'Grimm' or 'Supernatural' are on tonight. But I don't know if I can hold out till then.

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