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Monday, February 06, 2012

I got home around sunset

with a great big, lovely moon rising in the east. It never fails to absolutely impress me. So now I'm home, I'm caught up on the news, and I'm considering watching a movie (finally) that I've had out for awhile. :)

Today I got the results of the nerve biopsy I had done last month. It looks good, I've got the requisite number per millimetre, that sort of thing, although there's a little degradation that they're going to keep an eye on by checking once a year. I told the lady I talked to that the pain is responding to the medicine, and she said she'd pass that on to my doctor. I have another appointment later this month.

Not so great is that the computer system at the pharmacy I use may be incompatible with my flexible spending account card. We're still working on it. I'd like to be able to use them--they're a small, independent business and I know someone who works there. But I can't afford to put out the money each month for my medicines and then get reimbursed--that's the point of having the debit card loaded with my elected funds. Still, we'll see--maybe it will work out. They use other FSA cards with no trouble, so maybe it was a glitch.

I got several books catalogued. When I finish with that batch, there will be over 500 books in the system and one whole continuous shelving unit in. I also did some interlibrary loans.

I just spent a few minutes figuring out how to get music and other files onto a new gadget, with success. Yay! As a treat I think I'll play a game of Plants vs. Zombies.

Oh, and have you seen the Saturday Night Live skit for Downton Abbey? It's as if it were described for the (shall we say unsophisticated) viewers of Spike TV. Not sure I like it or not. And although I adore Maggie Smith, well, they describe her in an interesting yet unflattering manner, but I can't argue with it, at least when she's in a feathered hat. Check it out.

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