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Friday, February 17, 2012

I am a freak sometimes

I didn't sleep well last night (hence the blogging at 2 am, on the tablet no less), and it wasn't pain or worry--it was excitement about what the mail holds for me today.

I have three packages in Lexington today, and it remains to be seen when I'll get them, if it will be today or tomorrow (or in the case of the two going to my work address, Monday).

One is my medicine. My pharmacy mailed it to me, I'm not sure what day, but I didn't get it yesterday, but on the other hand there was nothing indicating a delivery attempt. If you've been following this blog for awhile, you know that I have issues getting the postal service to deliver anything bigger than my mailbox to my apartment (other than unexpected parcels). We have a parcel box at the apartment complex, with four compartments where there's a key that goes into the mailbox, and when we use that, it captures the key back. But not all of the postal carriers seem to know about it. So, we'll see. Hopefully I'll get that today or tomorrow. It has the new meds, some test strips, but most importantly the balance of a prescription that I haven't had meds for since Monday. They did say if I didn't get it today to call and they'll bring some to me, but of course I won't know whether I've gotten it or not until after they close. Hey, we're still working out the kinks. At least all the meds went through on my card this time.

The other two items are going to work (seeing as I do have so much trouble). One is the pair of New Balance shoes, the other is the micro SD card I ordered last week from Amazon (but it's filled by a third party in California, so it took longer than normal). I already got my books from Amazon on Tuesday that I ordered at the same time.

So I'd tracked the package for the shoes and the card and they're in Lexington as of last night and so the anticipation kept me up. Isn't that ridiculous? I could understand, I suppose, if I were getting a new car or something incredibly wonderful, but both of these are basically utility over form. But both will (hopefully) make my life easier, and so I guess there's something to that.

On the bright side I'm up, it's sunny, and my blood sugar is less than normal for a morning, which is good, as I had way too much Great Harvest cinnamon, raisin, and walnut bread last night. It is so good. Great Harvest Bread is a local bakery that tends to bake dense, whole grain breads that are also quite nummy. They do the white breads too (my favourite of those being their blue and white bread, which they do in the fall before the University of Kentucky games, with blueberries mixed in). They use only natural ingredients. For example, mine has fresh ground 100% whole wheat flour, water, raisins, walnuts, sugarcane molasses, yeast, salt, and cinnamon. That's it. They slice them thin, and a slice of their breads equal easily four of that stuff at Kroger they call bread. The only bread I have ever had that I had any criticism of was their challah, which is very good, but not the light egg bread that challah is meant to be. But that said, I highly recommend them. They even give you samples with butter or spreads when you walk in, and those samples are mighty enough to make a breakfast. Thanks to Jill for picking up the loaf for me.

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