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Friday, February 17, 2012


Well, I figured out how to get music and documents onto the card where it can be seen by the various applications. It's a 32 GB microSD card, so I think I should be okay for awhile. I put several albums on as mp3s and it was only a couple of gigabytes. :) I also downloaded a Kindle library book to the tablet just to test that (I still prefer to read on the Kindle, but the screen isn't too bad, and you can play with the background) and the game notes. No more putting it into 24 point font and then making a PDF that I can read on the Kindle. Also, since I was able to get OfficeSuite 5 at some point free from Amazon, I can load the game notes and make changes if I need to right then and there. I do prefer Adobe Reader for bus schedules, though. They load faster with it, between the two, both on the phone and on the tablet.

Despite all I've done with it today, including cataloguing books, it's at 35% battery charge still. That's pretty decent. Since I got it, I've catalogued 196 books. I'm close to 700 now, out of a collection that if you included the family resource centre is about 1300. :)

I actually remembered Supernatural tonight. Grimm doesn't seem to be on; there's an award show on instead. I cleaned out a good portion of my DVR and went ahead and recorded Supernatural.

The plan tomorrow is to clean house and go to the grocery, and maybe go pick up my shoes from work if they come there in the mail. (It's 70 minutes between buses on the Saturday Richmond Road route, so I'm not sure I want to fool with it.) Oh, and do game notes, which shouldn't take too long to do.

I think I'll step away from the tablet for now and maybe take a nap. I know it's kind of late, but if I wake up early, I'll just work on the house earlier, and if I sleep in, that's fine, because my plans are flexible. :) Oh, and I do have to go to the library tomorrow--I let a book get overdue, although not too badly. Bad librarian!

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