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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I am actually up early and (gasp) doing (a load) of laundry!

I forgot it was Valentine's Day until I saw that Google doodle. :) My plans today include laundry, a doctor's appointment, and work. Very romantic, but better than having a mammogramme like I did last year. :) I've printed out my logbook for my blood sugars to show my doctor. I need to try to get back on a medicine I had for awhile for my ADD--my friend is noticing a pronounced difference in my attention. And I'm going to suggest I go back on metformin along with my insulin to bring my glucose down. We'll see how that flies.

So I've put in the load of laundry, gone through rain to do it, recorded my blood sugar, taken my meds, and eaten breakfast. That's a pretty decent way to start the day. Except the rain, but considering it was supposed to be a wintry mix, that's good. Wintry mix around here often means ice storms, and freezing rain is worse than snow, in my opinion.

I think I'll go put the clothes in the dryer and check the news. Hope your Valentine's Day is wonderful.

PS I guess the jeans are a lost cause as far as wearing them to work for jean's day. Oddly enough, the blood from the dog fight came out fine, but the mud was a different matter. But I'm not going to dry them and set in the stains. I can still wear them around the house and on Sundays. Still annoying, as they were my favourite pair. But hey, at least the dogs are fine and I didn't get hurt.

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