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Friday, February 24, 2012


I didn't get much sleep last night. First of all, go me, I didn't fall asleep at something like 8 or 9 pm. I had just crawled in bed when a friend called (he has a talent for sensing when I do so) and we talked for awhile. Then, I decided to read Turn Coat, one of the Dresden Files books by Jim Butcher, which I had out from the library, but which was due today. So after nine chapters of being sucked in (and reading on the tablet, not the Kindle, for a change), I returned the book and re-checked it out so that I could finish it this time.

About then the storms rolled in. They weren't particularly violent where I was, but the electricity was flickering, my surge protector/battery backup shut down the computer to be safe, and I didn't feel comfortable going to bed and charging all the devices while I slept.

I went to bed for a little while, got up at 11:30 pm, took my medicine for my feet. Then I played with the tablet for awhile, took my insulin around 1 am, and fell back asleep. At 3 am I got up because my stomach was being touchy, and it was finally past storm time and I felt comfortable plugging everything in. But I was having trouble sleeping. I checked out the new free Amazon application of the day, and it was a shoot-'em-up, and I wasn't so sure about getting that, but I found a noise machine/sleep helper instead and downloaded that. It lets you layer up to three sounds. I discovered birds and crickets just keep me awake, but a babbling brook, rain, and thunder helped. So even though the storms were gone, I slept to thunder, amazing for someone who used to have brontophobia.

So I finally fell asleep about 4-something. And then my alarms started at 6:30. Oddly enough, one of my alarms, which gently wakes you with noises and then has you solve a short puzzle, doesn't have birds as a separate sound, but it's included in a 'row boat', with lapping water, so I changed it to that.

So I've checked my blood sugar, eaten, taken my medicine, and I'm putting some stuff over from a CD set to my tablet. I had it partly done, because at some point I'd chosen certain songs, but the third disc was missing (it's a Simon & Garfunkel collection). So I found that disc and now I've got all the songs, not just my favourites. I've also put some documents on the tablet for easy access, such as my living will/medical info, résumé, etc. I have an application where I can easily view and edit files like that. These are on a USB drive I have on my key chain, but it was falling off a bit ago and they do have a finite life. So I thought I should have backup, both on the computer and tablet. I also fixed the backup snafu that meant my external hard drive was almost out of room.

I'm almost tempted to see if I could go back to sleep for an hour. My stomach's still a bit touchy and I don't want to get moving just yet. But I should probably stay up, and just get ready. The good thing is even without sleep, I'm not having trouble getting up early, which will be good for the new schedule. And even with the lack of sleep, I'm glad I didn't go to bed too early.

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