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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

May I just express my thanks

even though she probably won't see it here, and of course I thank her all the time, but I really appreciate my co-worker who has been giving me rides home about 3-4 times a week. I do not think I could have gotten home today without falling asleep on the bus if I'd had to take it, and I was dressed very nicely, but in dark purples, so I'd probably have been missed by them. I try to dress in light clothes on days I know she can't take me. She has been wonderful, and I tell her that each time she gives me a ride, but tonight I am feeling doubly thankful.

PS Last night I caught the bus and was worried they'd pass me by even though I was in light clothes (some drivers have a tendency to get into the left lane too early in preparation for the Idle Hour loop). When I saw the driver who looks for me each time, I said, 'I thought you just drove on Mondays and Tuesdays.' He said, 'It is Tuesday. Don't worry, it'll get better.' I'd spent most of the day thinking it was Thursday.

Well, at least I remembered it was Tuesday long enough to prepare for election day and go vote. :) I just promptly forgot the Tuesday part after that.

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