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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What a wonderful way to deal with tragedy

Bibliotherapy in a different way than we usually mean it...

Murdered 6-year-old lives on through children’s book: Her lively tale of a bear and a unicorn transcends Thanksgiving tragedy
'One day, Muriel asked her daughter: “Tell me a story.” Instantly, an impromptu tale of a bear and a unicorn poured out.

This past year, Makayla’s parents would listen to that tape over and over and over. The lively, well-structured fantasy was their private keepsake until they wondered: If they shared this story with Makayla’s friends, would it keep her memory alive?

From that simple question was born a book: “The Bear’s Castle” by Makayla Joy Sitton. (The book is on Amazon.com, and available directly by clicking here)'.
Makayla was six when a member of her family pulled out guns at Thanksgiving and ended her life. Her parents were left with hours of audiotapes of her chatting, including the story that became this book. A CD of her telling the story is included.

I can't imagine the pain they have gone through, but they took that pain and did something productive with it to keep the memory of their daughter alive. Sales of the book help pay for classes in the arts for disadvantaged children. Makayla loved music, dancing, and art.

For more on the case, there's this:

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