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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home and getting warmer, thankfully

Unlike yesterday, it rained pretty steadily, which is good, for as I mentioned, we are in a drought and have had very little rain since June. On the other hand, the rain was followed by a lot of wind. The gusts were enough to blow me a couple of steps a few times as I was standing waiting for the bus--and I am pretty hefty.

I stopped by the library on the way home to pick up an interlibrary loan. It's a book called Picnic at Hanging Rock, which is a story by an Australian author set in Queensland, I believe, and it was the basis of a very strange and aethereal film back in the 1980s of the same name. I stumbled upon it by an odd series of associations. I was watching something on YouTube, and one of the related videos had Gheorghe Zamfir, a Romanian who is probably the most famous pan flautist in the world, and then I went to his Wikipedia article, which mentioned the use of his music in the soundtrack from the motion picture, which led me to the article for the film, which led me to an article on the book. A search of the public library turned up that it didn't carry it, and on Amazon a copy is $20 for the library binding version, $35 for a new version of the 1991 paperback through other sellers, and besides, I want to read it, not necessarily buy it, so I thought, gee, how about ILL'ing a copy? I'm curious to see if it is as mysterious. I suspect so, because it apparently had an alternate ending published sometime later. The novel is about a school trip at the turn of the 20th century and the disappearance of the girls at a real-life landmark called Hanging Rock. It is one of the odder films I've ever seen, so I thought I'd like the book. I should review it here. (I know, I still owe you a review for Room, which I haven't finished and have put on hold to read Gary Corby's debut mystery The Pericles Commission, which I must say I've been quite captured by. So I guess that's two Australian authors I'm reading at the moment, since he is as well.)

So, I've got quite a bit on my plate in terms of reading. The bus driver and I discussed The Wizard of Oz tonight on the way home. He loved the movie but didn't realise it was a book, and I gave him some of the differences between the two and pointed out there were several more books, which I'm looking forward to reading, as I have the complete collection on the Kindle, which was only 89 cents for all 15 books. :)

Well, I guess that's all for now. I need to catch up on the news.

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