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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm getting ready to go to the pharmacy

then later today I need to leave work, go to my ophthalmologist to have the pressure in my eyes checked, and come back. I tried to get it rescheduled but it has to be in the afternoon--maybe ocular pressure is different then or something. I may have a ride home this evening, which is good, because I'm getting hard-pressed for light clothing--most of mine are dark purples and black. I like to wear lighter clothes on the days that I'm catching the bus at night so I'm more visible, although I do have a small flashlight to try to help them see me.

I'm dressed up today, because I felt like it, and have makeup and such on. If it were warmer I'd wear my purple satin and velvet tiered skirt with this blouse, but it's pretty chilly so I have on velvet black pants instead. The shoes have been remarkably warm so long as I wear socks with them. I may see about finding a cheap pair of snow boots and just carry my shoes with me, rather than buying another pair of Birkenstocks, because I'm not so sure they'll do great in snow. We'll see.

Okay, I guess I need to finish getting ready and head out of here. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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