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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When I checked the forecast this morning, it looked like it would be in the high 40s when I got off work, so I wore a light jacket. But noooo, it's 39 degrees with a wind chill of 30, raining a very cold rain, and the wind is high enough that an umbrella is almost useless. I am chilled to the bone. I was going to make red beans and rice for dinner tonight, but I'm too cold to even contemplate it, so I'm having cheese and crackers.

I managed to get my bus pass today, but not the library book. Apparently it was sent back yesterday, although it was still listed as being ready to pick up last night. Since I never received an e-mail telling me it was there, they waived the fee, and I'm back in the queue. Of course, I waited about two months to get it, so who knows when it'll pop back up.

The lack of reading material was felt even more keenly because I switched from a purse to a backpack so I could take my shoes with me and forgot, of all things, my Kindle, which even now is sitting next to my recliner. I had my cable with me and everything, just not the actual device. I felt naked, like when you leave your cell phone at home.

I gave blood today. It was my 29th pint. Three more and it'll be four gallons. Of course, that's averaging only a little over once a year, since I've been giving blood since I was 17. I could do so much better. But it's better than not, I suppose. They didn't have to spin my blood to see if the iron was okay. I guess those children's chewable vitamins are helping. :) It's very rare that my blood sinks fast enough into the solution.

Today was pretty productive. I'm a little tired as a result of the blood loss, getting a lot done, and standing out in the cold for a half-hour. I may go ahead and take a nap. I know, my 'naps' tend to be all-night affairs. But I'll try to get up before it get too late, maybe watch the recording of 'Tower Prep' from tonight.

Okay, hopefully I'll write later, as I need to check the news. But for now I think it's time to take out my contacts, get into a warm bed, and snuggle.

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