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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well, I got my exercise for the day

I took the bus over to the shopping centre but pushed the cart with five canvas bags of groceries all the way home. I cleaned out the refrigerator, and I'll take the trash out after a little breather...I'm rather pooped at the moment. Then I'll work on the game notes. But give me a half hour to just sit, with the little massaging cushion on.

I almost stopped in at the gas station to say hi since it was on my way home, but they looked relatively busy and I had refrigerated goods to get home.

That reminds me--must check on my friend who I used to work with to see if he's doing better--he was in the hospital for days but it's been a week since he got out, so I'm hoping all is well.

I should also call my mom and arrange to go to Danville on Thanksgiving.

But right now I'm going to sit for a bit.

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