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Monday, November 15, 2010

Home after a very long day

Ever had just a really blah day? More than likely. And today was a very blah Monday to boot. No real problems. But the weather was rather cold and icky, and firmly Novembery here in the Northern Hemisphere. I think it's the first time in awhile the sun hasn't shown here in awhile. It didn't rain properly, just spit a bit, which when you're in a drought, is just being a tease. There's a head/chest thing going around and I'm wondering if I'm coming down with it. I've been achy, my throat scratchy, and my nose has run all day. Or it could be the weather change. Who knows?

Yesterday was the Call of Cthulhu game and the big Kroger run, so I didn't write last night. The game's going rather well at the moment, entertaining in some strange twists. A subset of characters are on a mission, but the rest of us are having some interesting downtime. One of my characters is in a relationship with a necromancer, and she got to see his burnt, crusty, undead cat familiar without running away and screaming. Of course, she's still feeling guilty that she just slept with a dragon in human form--especially because she doesn't know he was so charming because he is a dragon. And that's just the drama in my little relationship. Margaret's other character (one is the necromancer boyfriend) is getting much more grief.

I always said, give me tentacles to lop off--it's things like the IRS, INS, caring for gaggles of other people's children, and psycho wives who prick holes in your condoms that ruin your day in the game.

Thankfully our own lives are much more boring by comparison, I guess. :)

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