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Saturday, November 27, 2010

I guess I should head on to bed

I'm getting up early tomorrow so I can stop by the store and get some treats for the game and still get there by 8 am. That means getting up at 5. Really. Welcome to the Lexington bus system on a Sunday.

I did not go to the grocery today. Nor did I clean the fish tank. I slept on an off during the morning and early afternoon. I walked to the Circle K which is about a block away and got some soft drinks. I watched 'Tower Prep', which was quite good, incorporating some classical literature in the form of the Odyssey into its plot. The previews for the next one looked good as well. I watched most of the computer animated Firebreather on Cartoon Network, then switched over to DVD and listened (and sang along with) Doctor Horrible and then listened to the musical commentary as well while I was going over way-over-1000 news items alone in my Google Reader, much less the blog posts I read, plus blogging along the way. I hope that makes up for my lack of blogging this week. But I finally made it through all that. I have some New Age meditative music on right now, and I'm getting sleepy. Since I have to get up in 6 1/2 hours, I thought I'd wind down and put up one last post for the night.

Good night.

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