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Friday, November 19, 2010

I came home a bit early today, too

because the website I normally use to do my secondary duties for the last hour or so of my shift was down. Since I'd finished everything else, I decided to just come on home.

I've spent that extra time going through my news reader. I found a few interesting things, but nothing really worth blogging about (until I hit the recommended items, anyway).

I'm glad the week is over and there's the weekend to look forward to. I'd love to go see the newest Harry Potter film this weekend, but my passes aren't good for it yet and I'd rather get to see it free. Plus, I want to see it with my best friend and we haven't officially made plans yet.

Next week is a short week. Thursday's Thanksgiving, of course, and I'm also off Friday, so I'll probably spend Thursday night at my grandmother's and come back Friday evening. We'll see. Must remember to take the CPAP machine if I do, though--that one time was awful, when I forgot and couldn't sleep all night.

Okay, I'm going to wander off and decide what to do next. I'll write later, though.

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