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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm going to try to keep this short

because it's been an exhausting day, and I'm ready to turn in for bed.

Yesterday evening I:
  1. Watched Frozen, the DVD, with YKWIA, who enjoyed it a lot and was very happy when he realised the DVD was a present for him
  2. Watched several YouTube videos with him
  3. Stayed up late requesting free credit reports
  1. I managed to get to work on time despite waking up a half-hour before I was supposed to be there
  2. I spent three hours at the dentist, only to find out that:
    • My partials weren't going in because they were off, and rocking when they were put in (it wasn't user error)
    • I have to have a root canal, to the tune of 400 more dollars, in addition to the two crowns I'd already had in my treatment plan
    • After the temporary crowns were put on, my partials went in snugly
    • But after I took them out later, I couldn't get them back in again, which is very frustrating
  3. The colour copier at work was fixed by a technician, who had to replace a drum, but the moment he left it said it needed toner but refused to load the toner, even trying two different bottles, so that it would print maybe 10 pages and then quit, saying the toner was depleted, when the bottle was obviously full
  4. And of course, while dealing with this and trying to get my other work done, I suddenly had all these calls with information requests; don't get me wrong, I don't mind that--I want them to call me--but it was very frustrating in terms of timing
  5. I had a co-worker for whom I've been picking up the slack who according to reports is apparently spending quite some time at her desk playing games online, so another co-worker and I came up with a strategy to track my work vs. hers so that it's more apparent who does what
  6. At least my 'check engine' light finally went out after a quarter of a tank of gas with STP fuel injector cleaners in it
  7. I went and got a friend from work
  8. I picked up some fish sandwiches for us
  9. I watched 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' with YKWIA, along with some YouTube videos
  10. We watched the premiere of 'The 100', which I've been wanting to see since it was announced last summer. I liked it quite a lot. It's already got more depth and interest than the remake of 'The Tomorrow People'
Now I'm home, and I'm going to go to bed. Spending time with friends perked me up for a little bit, but I'm quickly getting tired. Good night. Oh, and while it's 50 degrees, the wind is howling appropriately for the last night of winter. But according to the calendar, at least, tomorrow spring arrives. Yay!

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