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Sunday, March 09, 2014

I just got up a little while ago

having slept in. Even with the time change I slept 10 or more hours. I must admit that it was nice to sleep in. But while I should be happy I have a whole day to myself, it's sort of daunting in a way. I'm used to letting others fill up my time, and while I sometimes resent it, I actually prefer it to trying to keep busy on my own. I'm not sure when I, who was very much an introvert as a child and young adult, got to the point where I relied on others to entertain me. It's one of the reasons I sleep so much. I find it somewhat maddening to be alone, especially if all is not harmonious in my life, which it isn't at the moment.

Still, There is a lot to do around here. So I suppose I should step away from the computer and start doing stuff. This is me stepping away from the computer. I think I'll go make a list I can cross off as I complete it.

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