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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I haven't seen much of the series, but I do rather like her

Which British Detective Are You?
Your result: Congratulations; you are Jane Tennison (from 'Prime Suspect')!

Your life and career is a long and bitter tale of struggle and injustice, stretching back as far as you'd care to remember. And of course, that sort of thing leaves a mark. You're no longer sure if you became good at your job because of natural talent, or because no one thought you could do it and you had to either prove them wrong or leave.

Whatever the reason, all of this battling has brought out the beast in your personality. You're tough, strong and ready to fight your corner whenever adversity comes your way. This does make it hard to drop your guard sometimes, and of course it won't protect you from heartache because in order to admit you have feelings, you have to be vulnerable. And nothing hurts like betrayal.

But woe betide the person that crosses you. LOTS of woe.

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