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Thursday, March 20, 2014

So, if you're a librarian and you forget to pay your electric bill on time

where do you go to charge things and hangout for a bit? The public library, of course. I'm sitting here at one of the branches with my laptop with my my phone and tablet plugged in so they can charge as much as possible in the hour I have left before they close. Thank goodness it wasn't Friday, when they close earlier. Anyway, I got home about 7 pm (just after their customer service line closed) and found the power out. I was going to sit down and do bills tonight because I got paid. I didn't realise the disconnect was going to happen today. It was my fault, though. So I got on my phone and immediately paid the bill, not just the past due but the current as well, but they can't re-connect it until tomorrow. It's going to be a long night, as I won't be able to use my CPAP machine. But I'm going to try to stick it out. I carefully placed the battery-operated lights where I could find them when I come back in and it's dark. In addition to the electric, I've paid my student loans, cable, and a credit card (using my phone, as it's open wi-fi around here, I think). That was mainly what I wanted to get done.

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