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Saturday, March 08, 2014


I don't want to do my laundry in the rain. Guess I'll wait until tomorrow. I went to read and listened to some lovely Loreena McKennitt, which put me to sleep. That was about 7, and I just woke up, so I had a two-hour nap. The thing is, I just don't feel like doing much else tonight. I have all the stuff from the car to stow away--some electronic recyclables and an air mattress that refused to compact back into its box, plus a whole lot of Kroger tote bags. :) I still need to work on the aquaria. I need to do laundry and dishes. And I need to straighten up and take the trash and recyclables out.

But right now I have a headache. It looks like I'm free tomorrow as well, so I can work on that stuff, along with game notes and 'Grimm', then. Right now I just feel like the weather is really messing up with my sinuses and I just want some peace and quiet and maybe a dark room. And I'm still a little down. Be sure to set your clocks ahead tonight. Mine mostly do it on their own, except for a microwave and a giant old-fashioned alarm clock.

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