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Saturday, March 01, 2014

Time for a nap

Today I haven't felt great, and I may be getting a friend's cold, but I've taken him to the grocery and helped him wash his dog, and now I'm pooped. Turns out I also left my cell phone over at his house, so I'll go back and get that later this evening, but for now, I'm going to nap. I've done what I can to prepare for our potential ice storm tomorrow night and we've cancelled the game. I picked up my Lantus, which I was almost out of, and even picked up a couple of 'touch lights' that are battery-powered in case the lights go out, because even though I have a box of 100 tea lights, those are iffy in terms of safety. I have a crank flashlight/radio as well as some other flashlights, and food that can be eaten without being cooked. Let's hope it isn't bad, but hey, if it is, I'm hopefully ready. At least once I get my phone back.

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