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Sunday, March 23, 2014

We had a good Cthulhu game today

We're in the investigative stage of things, which is often fun. We don't know much so far, but we have a mass murder-suicide to contend with along with an archaeological dig whose results may have driven people mad and a possibility of flooding the Nile. See, fun. A was happy, too, because the University of Kentucky (the alma mater of both YKWIA and me, but not A, who merely worships at the temple of basketball there) managed to defeat Wichita State (with was undefeated up to that point) and progress to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA basketball tournament. (He'd chosen that in his brackets, actually, which, since he's playing by himself, doesn't matter in terms of winning money, but he'd doing pretty well so far, he said).

I'm home now and my back is killing me. It was fine up to the point I stood up and started walking after about six hours of (mostly) sitting. It wasn't bothering me when I was cleaning house earlier. Unfortunately, one of the first things I had to do when I got home was fill the big aquarium with about 15 gallons of water, in three bucketfuls. I did that, though, and reconnected the pump, light, and heater in that tank. I'd had it all shut off, the heater because the water had gotten so low, the pump due the loss of electricity the other day. But I couldn't keep them in that position too long, and it's been a couple of days. So now they're happily swimming about, happy with the food I gave them and the new, clean water. I also added most of a 2-litre to the small fish tank (the betta's, which is only three gallons), and he seems happier, too.

I'm propped up in the bed listening to Pentangle's version of the Lyke-Wake Dirge. My neck and back hurt a good bit. I think I'll take some ibuprofen and stretch out some. Here's the song for you to listen to, if you'd like. It has a haunting quality, which is rather appropriate.

Good night.

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