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Tuesday, March 04, 2014


I know I'll get used to the things eventually, but is it sad that I long for that moment when I get home and immediately take off/out my shoes, socks, contacts, partials, in that order, and only then can I really relax for the night? I feel old. And I still sound odd to the point that when I had to call doctors' offices for two hours today, I took the partials out and had them hidden in a cup under a shelf at my desk so the people on the other end could understand me. At least my co-workers haven't made fun of me. That's what my friends are for. :)

After work I grabbed a baked cod meal from Long John Silver's, some sandwiches for my friends, had dinner while watching 'Dan vs.', bathed another dog, and then watched City of Ember with YKWIA. I enjoyed it. I will say I've now seen several things with Saoirse Ronan, and I think she shows quite a lot of promise. I first saw her in The Lovely Bones. Next up in the Netflix queue--Strictly Ballroom.

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